We are located close to Sarzana, in the Eastern Liguria, at the center of the river Magra valley, between the promontory of Montemarcello (right bank) and the hills that descend from the Apuan Alps (left bank).
Santa Caterina is a hill composed of a red clay soil, the largest of the four estates that constitute our farm. It consists of terraces and slopes, somewhere softer, somewhere steeper and most of the vineyards of Vermentino, together with the vineyards of Albarola and Sangiovese are located over there. Not far away, towards the sea, the other estates with vineyards and olive tree named Ghiarétolo (Merlot, Merla, Ciliegiolo vineyards), Giuncàro (Sauvignon b. and Tocai vineyards), and Segalàra (Vermentino vineyard). These three estates are located on gravelly and pebbly alluvial terraces. A total of 7.5 ha of vineyards and 3 ha of olive grove.
The olive tree is present in all the estates, on the edge of the vineyards, but the highest concentration of plants is located in the estate of Ghiarétolo, with Frantoio, Leccino, Muraiolo, Pignola varieties.

Andrea Kihlgren